2. West wall

The church has typical Gothic characteristics like its height and steeply angled roof. On the other hand, the thick walls belong to the Romanesque style. The walls are made of stone. Builders got stones from peasants living in the vicinity. 

The most notable point in this church is the circular rose window. The rose window is original and it belongs to the Gothic style.

The brick decoration on the top of the wall is very beautiful and abundant. Judging by the beautiful finish, the bricklayer must have been a professional, but no-one knows his name.

At the same time this church was built, churches were also built in nearby areas like in Tuulos, Hauho and Hollola.

There are two millstones in this wall. They are located on the both sides of the middle window. 

The top window is also original but the middle window was made later.

It is odd that one of the foundation stones is not under the church. No one really knows the answer.

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